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GTB in Detail
GTB in Detail

The GTB in Detail

Facts and figures

  • 120 employees
  • 99,65% dispatch reliability of operator
  • 30 years of experience
  • 7 line stations in Germany & Gambia
  • 30.000 EFH world record of GTB maintained CFM56-7B22 engine

Partners of GTB

Clients of GTB

Hangar Berlin

The newly built maintenance hangar of Germania Technik Brandenburg is positioned at the BER airport. The whole administrative organisation is housed in the hangar complex wich simultaneously constitutes as the companies headquarter.



Line maintenance

In total, nine line stations are operated by GTB, eigth of these are located in Germany. Here you can find  further information regarding the line station locations and a listing of their capabilities.

Cabin overhaul

With cabin modifications to both, the fleets of Germania and Gambia Bird, Germania Technik Brandenburg has acquired a tremendous amount of experience wich comes in useful for every customer.



Engine changes

Germania Technik Brandenburg is a reliable and experienced partner in handling engine changes within the CFM56 family. Additionally the GTB will organize and manage the transport, quality control and potential storage of engines as well as apu's.

Cabin retrofit

For Boeing B737NG Germania Technik Brandenburg offers the retrofitting of winglets in order to reduce the induced resistance and therefore fuel consumption up to 5%.


All certificates and documents of the GTB can be found here.


Get to know everything about the historical background of Germania Technik Brandenburg GmbH on this part of the website.

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