Line Maintenance

The hangar at BER airport as well as the seven line stations operated by GTB are best suited for all typical line maintenance activites and meet highest requirements.

Further information regarding the capabilitierange of the various stations can be checked here.

Base Maintenance

The newly constructed hangar at the BER airport delivers required infrastructure for a variety of base maintenance events, so that we can provide you with a considerable portfolio of services.

For a full listing of all services click the the link.

Air Worthiness

Beside the classic maintenance services we offer our customers the possibility to cover management tasks in order to obtain airworthiness that comes along during the operation of an aircraft fleet

Everything about our services can be experienced here.

Brief Overview

You can expect a broad variety of maintenance and administration services for your Boeing 737NG or A320 families equipped with either CFM56 or V2500 engines at different locations wich make sure that aspired flight schedules can be achieved. In case of unexpected circumstances you can rely on our fast and unbureaucratic reaction.

At the GTB headquarter wich is the maintenance hangar located at BER airport part 145 services and airworthiness services are offered either way.

Extra Services

  • Hangar Space
  • Logistic Support
  • Part Sales / Exchange / Loan
  • Maintenance Tools Loan  


Dirk Bohms
Managing Director

Phone: +49 (0) 30/522808502
Email: dirk.bohms(at)